About us

The Twisted Gourmet proudly offers delicious Wild Yukon Spice Blends!  Hand made in small batches in Whitehorse, these exquisite seasonings combine hand harvested treasures from Yukon’s wilderness with freshly roasted & ground spices, sea salts and organic cane sugar.

I harvest local Yukon treasures like wild low bush cranberries, wild rose petals and wild sage and take the time to dry my own ginger, leeks, berries, herbs, chili peppers.. you name it. Yukon wild morel mushrooms are complemented by freshly dried leeks & aromatic rosemary, and freshly dried ginger & chilis infuse my Twisted Curry with its signature flavour. Organic cane sugar is the base for my delicately flavoured infused sugars, along with delicious organic herbs, flowers and berries.

This year my partner and I successfully harvested over 600 garlic plants from a challenging patch of soil in Tagish Yukon. Without irrigation or running water on site, farming is a labour of love. Somehow growing our own garlic to roast for products like Kiss Me Baby Triple Garlic Seasoning and to smoke for Smokin’ Hot Seasoning Salt – well, that’s  worth it all.

Try something new… maybe a little bit of juniper berry sugar on the rim of your gin & tonic or a carmelized topping of ginger sugar on your creme brûlée.  Top your sugar cookies with gorgeous lavender lemon sugar or make a simple syrup of our anise & orange sugar for a cocktail that’s one of a kind.  I know your bbq chicken would get a KICK from a dash of Southern Gentleman seasoning or some Kick Ass Cowboy blend. Cooking is an adventure… have fun & explore with the Twisted Gourmet!

Here’s a link to a GREAT article published Friday June 17th 2016 in The Yukon News. Columnist Rhiannon Russell wrote a really nice feature and I’m so EXCITED! Lots of things are changing and getting bigger, and it’s great to be in a supportive community. Cheers!

12744040_10153212625635728_275112578193073240_nI wish I could remember this fellow’s name – he was my cooking instructor in Hoi An, Vietnam. What a great food-centric country Vietnam is! If you love travel, I recommend it highly.