Bennett Lake Wild & Smokey Seasoning

This one is really special; I hope you like it as much as I do.

Ingredients: Black garlic, sweet basil, *wild spruce tips, *wild sage (artemisia frigida), parsley, pepper, alder smoked salt

*All wild ingredients are harvested sustainably, using respectful gathering practices in areas safe to harvest.

Product Description

Bennett Lake is a special place to me – gorgeous in all seasons, and historical too. Carcross, formerly known as Caribou Crossing, sits at the point where Bennett Lake joins Nares Lake in Canada’s Yukon. It played a pivotal role in the Yukon Gold Rush, and the lure of the place is as strong today. When I think of Bennett Lake and Carcross Yukon, I think of young men in woollen layers, huddled around a cookstove or campfire. They’d have a sourdough starter in a vial, and the’d be cooking with simple ingredients in a cast iron dutch oven. The food would be smokey, and satisfying. That’s what I tried to capture in this seasoning – one of my all time favourite blends.

Bennett Lake Wild & Smokey Seasoning features alder smoked sea salt, wild Yukon spruce tips and wild sage, exquisite black garlic and sweet basil. It’s one of the most popular blends in the Twisted Gourmet kitchen. This is a delicious seasoning, great in salad dressing, stew, a rich dark sauce, stirred into soups or flavouring your marinade. I think you’ll love it, and when you do – imagine yourself in a tiny log cabin under the aurora borealis, waiting to strike gold.