Yukon Wild Morel Orzo

Morel mushrooms are the new gold in the Yukon – they appear ever so briefly in June, and there is a new goldrush every season. Prized for their deep, earthy flavour, these are truly prize delicacies, valued worldwide. These little gems appear most often in areas recently scarred by burns – our boreal forests are a fire-driven ecosystem, and the morel is one of the many rewards of this natural system. The mushrooms in my Yukon Wild Morel seasoning and side dish are harvested by a family from Whitehorse who is deeply committed to respectful, sustainable harvesting and stewardship of this land. Please enjoy.

Ingredients: orzo pasta, morel mushrooms, rosemary, leek, onion, pepper, sun dried tomatoes, salt


Product Description

Yukon Wild Morel Orzo seasoning, wild morel mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and orzo pasta in a ready-to-cook gourmet side dish! This is a delicious addition to any meal or add your favourite meat and veggies and serve it as a scrumptious main course. Ready in 10 minutes, you’ll love the savoury morsels of wild-harvested Morel mushrooms from Canada’s boreal forests. All Twisted Gourmet seasonings are lovingly hand crafted in small batches using the highest quality ingredients and wild foraged flavours from the Yukon. I think you’ll love this one – it’s a true Yukon classic. Cooking instructions on the package, serves 4 as a side dish or 2 as a main.