Meet Me in Marrakech Spice Blend




Moroccan cooking is slow food at its best. The flavours are complex and nuanced, and Moroccan cooks take their time to make each meal delicious. This blend, layered and complex like the food and culture that inspired it, will infuse your cooking with the flavours of north Africa. You'll be able to taste the cinnamon, the garlic and ginger, you'll note the freshly roasted and ground cumin and coriander, maybe you'll be able to isolate the cloves or the brightness of the saffron. The most magical ingredient to me is the preserved lemon; that glorious addition elevates everything, makes everything taste better.

Try this in a beautiful lamb stew, in a rich vegetable braise or a soup full of vegetables.  Always fresh, made in very small batches. You'll love it!

20 gram resealable packet.