Southern Gentleman


Southern Gentleman


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In the North, Southern means anywhere south of the 60th parallel! During the Klondike Gold Rush, this vast territory played host to many thousands of southerners - and a few probably were real gentlemen!

This complex blend of southwestern inspired flavours features freshly roasted cumin, coriander, mustard seed & much more. Use it to pack your burgers with flavour or to create an incredibly simple and seriously delicious chicken dinner. I love it in my slow-cooker pulled pork recipe. Perfect as a rub on pork or barbecued salmon, and wonderful stirred into soups & stews, you will reach for this again and again. Truly one of my most versatile, popular blends. To make sure you get the best, I dry the peppers, roast and grind the whole spices as I need them so your seasonings are always fresh and delicious. Not spicy - just a touch of mild jalapenos to liven things up a little. Hope you like this one! 40grams in a resealable package.